Montriche Capital

A business without a clear strategy is like a ship without a rudder. We specialise in strategic planning, corporate advisory and developing businesses to meet the goals and objectives of our customers.

Montriche Capital is an independent Corporate Advisory & Investment Firm based in South Africa. We work with several companies helping them develop business strategies and transform their business. In doing so, we are often at the heart of them achieving their most ambitious goals.

Montriche has since inception been privileged to work with a number of companies and helped transform their businesses from mostly startup, or small family businesses, to successful enterprises with astounding success and achievements. Even through the challenging times experienced with Covid-19, the companies have grown and prospered. Montriche remains involved in most of its clients taken on since 2017 and have established long-term relationships with the business owners, continuing to develop and help build their businesses whilst creating wealth for their stakeholders.

Montriche has achieved its own objectives and significant client retention, by following a simple yet pragmatic approach – “we help you focus on what’s important”.


The Montriche blueprint


From the very beginning, we have taken a different approach to normal consultancy. We work within and as part of our client’s leadership teams rather than looking in from the outside, hence we don’t lend ourselves out as business consultants. We bring creative ideas, many years of experience, and custom tailor our approach & solutions, rather than applying the same methodology again and again.

We are outcome-focused, focussed on creating lasting legacies through what we deliver and the way we work. Hence we aren’t invoice driven and rather incentive driven, meaning we only gain if you gain. We follow a cash & equity principle in the projects we take on and always negotiate mutually beneficial agreements on a win-win scenario. Your success – is our success.

This blueprint for success continues to attract clients from a wide range of sectors, and we’re proud to say that most of our work comes from repeat business and referrals. We have successfully developed Montriche from an executive consultancy, to becoming long-term strategic partners with several of our clients.


The following is some personal advice to all business owners reading this.

We believe in the methodology of renowned business coach Prof. Simon Sinek who developed the golden circle principle: WHY – HOW – WHAT. Understanding your WHY is critical in developing and sustaining your business.

So many entrepreneurs consider strategic planning as academic jargon and pay little or no attention to this important aspect. They often just want to get on with work and build their businesses.

Understand the importance of WHY you are doing what you are doing first.

The WHY in you is the very reason people buy into you in the first place, why people follow you and believe in you, because they believe in your dream, your vision and in you. Don’t forget or neglect your WHY!

(In this order!!)

1. First define and focus on the WHY you are doing the things you are doing.

2. Then surround yourself with competent people that can help you define and solve the HOW to achieve your why.

3. Then appoint the people to execute and do the WHAT you need to do.

Don’t get your teams mixed up and make them focus, or you risk losing your narrative and your WHY.

This will potentially lead to people losing trust and faith in you, so stay focussed on your why – the rest (how and what), can be figured out when everybody remains clear and focussed on why you are doing it and where you are taking your business.

The HOW team, focussed on how to do it better, cheaper and more sustainable. These are your innovators, your think tank, your creative problem solvers.

The WHAT team are the doer’s, the people who build or make the stuff and manage day to day operations.

“Execution without strategy is Aimless – Strategy without Execution is Useless”.

Experienced professionals


We have a very thorough Associate signing process and only contract Associates who are experienced transformation professionals. By handpicking the right person for each project, we match relevant skills and experience with our clients’ needs and provide the development opportunities that our people are looking for. This allows us to tailor our approach, leveraging our experience to focus on the uniqueness of our clients rather than solely relying on standard methodologies. We also put a great deal of emphasis on ensuring that our people fit in and build the collaborative relationships that enable them to work effectively.


Trusted to deliver


We are always prepared to take a hands-on management role to ensure that change is delivered effectively. We take pride in our ability to work as an extension of our clients’ leadership teams, binding together stakeholders to drive cross- organisation activity. Our embedded, collaborative approach enables us to assemble and manage the right team to get the job done, but we always ensure that our clients remain in control, with us providing the balance of support and constructive challenge that enables them to be effective leaders.