“If you never know failure, you will never know success.” Montriche and its associates provides you with many years of collective experience and expertise tailored to meet even the most demanding of challenges you put to us.

Montriche executives must be able to tick two boxes. They must, of course, be experienced, intelligent and capable, but they must also be genuine and sincere, able to get on with people from all walks of life.

Consultancy is about delivering results and not just about telling you what to do next. We believe that can only come through developing trust-based relationships, with people at all levels and from all disciplines. An ability to communicate and motivate others when the pressure is on is crucial to the ultimate success of a project.

And because we believe in the spirit of collaboration, both amongst ourselves and with our clients, brains are not enough. Our people are team players who are passionate, enthusiastic and positive; people who celebrate clients’ success above their own and who are motivated by collective achievements. The sort of people you’d happily go to the pub with.


Phillip J Mostert

Phillip J Mostert

Eagles don’t chase flies!!

Myles Munroe once said “True leaders work themselves out of a job. True leaders measure their greatness by their absence. Success without a successor is failure. Your legacy should not be in buildings, programs and projects; your legacy must be in people.”

MontRiche focuses on developing its people, growing its interests in its core markets and to serve Africa, the world’s biggest unrealized asset. I am very blessed to be a part of this and able to contribute my skills and experience and to make a difference in life as we know it.

Phillip J Mostert


Registered Professionals

Our  executives are professional people and registered with a number of local and global institutions. We strive to motivate our people to stay on top of the latest industry trends, knowledge and news, thereby ensuring that the service you receive from Montriche is unparalleled.